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Log Home Anyone?

Are you an outdoor person? Maybe someone who loves nature. Well you have come to the right place. Our log home partner is one of the most outstanding builders in the world!


Different Sizes and Designs

Take a 3D virtual tour through your new log home before it is built. Computer science can give you a peek into your lake house or country estate.


The Finest Cedar Logs & Experts

Native craftsmen using modern and old world techniques building a beautiful home that will last and last.

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Size - budget - add ons

There are three standard ways to get floor plans for a custom home.

The first and lowest cost is to purchase an existing set of plans. One designed for someone else and being sold as a reprint. These are all over the internet and are an excellent option and value.

Normal cost for a set like this is anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 plus printing cost.   

Now, option 1a would be to purchase one of these sets and to have the designer make changes for you, the problem with this option is that the designers are out of state, often slow, you have no leverage over them and the price tends to triple. Even for minor changes.

The Second option is to hire a custom designer or architect. This will be the slowest option but often the most enjoyable. Your home will truly be a one of a kind custom build. There are a number of excellent designers around the nation and the state who will do a fantastic service in this area.

The only true negative other than speed (allow four to six months for design period) is the cost. Average cost for a designer starts at $6 sq ft and the average cost for an architect is $12 sq ft minimum.

The third option is to hire one of our three design companies. They will take your ideas, notes, concepts and blend them into a complete set of plans. First draft is usually completed in less than ten days! They will make multiple changes until you say it’s exactly what you want! This is a quick and clean true custom and we have a lot of leverage with these designers as we quite honestly refer them to almost all of our clients!

The best part is cost! For a standard set of plans they charge as little as $1 a square foot. That’s right, as little as ONE DOLLAR A SQUARE FOOT! AND they include the cost to print the plans in that fee as well!

Standard set of floor plans includes: Floor plan, elevations, roof plan. Addition plans and or engineering could be additional charges.

There is a minimum fee of $2,000.00.  So make your notes, dream your dream and let our designer contractors draft your new custom Timber Ridge home!

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